When I graduated from the Community College of Allegheny County in 2007, receiving an associate's degree in Network Administration, I was faced with the question of whether or not I really wanted to do that for a living. Though it interested me at first, my interest had waned by the time of my graduation, and I decided that my livelyhood should steer towards something I deemed more fulfilling and enjoyable.

I was always interested in graphic design, even when I didn't know it had a specific name. Since kindergarten, I was constantly using pen and paper, and eventually computers, to design album covers and movie posters for my own amusement. While I also enjoyed writing, I felt that the visual medium was the best outlet for my imagination. However, while I had experience in producing images that I felt looked good, I had no knowledge of the professional potential of such skills. When I found myself unsatisfied with my future in network administration, I knew that it was time to discover what could be waiting for me if I expanded my knowledge of graphic design.

I moved directly from receiving my degree at CCAC to becoming a freshman in Graphic and Communication Design at La Roche College, also located in Pittsburgh. It was here that I would learn, in great detail, not only how to create digital media using many facets of Adobe Creative Suite, but also how to improve my skills as a pen-and-ink artist. I became well-versed in the creation of printed advertisements, commercials, trade booth design, and packaging.

Now that I have completed my education at La Roche, I am eager to share my skills with the world, and ensure anyone that may need my assistance that I can and will deliver the quality product they require.