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April 2011 saw the release of my first independent film, following at least two years' worth of drastic rewrites, casting nightmares, and personal dramas. The result, the world's first-ever fan production based around the characters of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show," was loved by many.

For the poster design, I wanted to convey the idea of peeking 'behind closed doors.' The film brings forth sometimes-scintillating personal details from the lives of the characters, so I chose to give the poster a dirty, unorganized look - the tagline is written on a hastily torn scrap of paper with smudges and harsh, pointed lettering; the Polaroids are grimy and worn, displaying the characters in provocative poses and expressions; elements look dropped onto the page, as if they have just been dumped from someone's private shoebox; and the lighting feels awkward and claustrophobic, as if someone is shining a flashlight directly onto the poster.

Of course, familiar "Rocky Horror" elements are included - the film's title uses the standard 'Double Feature' font, and I was able to create a suitable background texture by manipulating a stock photo of a fishnet stocking.

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