Car Cleen

Package Design

One of my final assignments as a La Roche student involved Car Cleen, a Pittsburgh-based company specializing in industrial-grade car products. At the time, Car Cleen was seeking to revamp their packaging, and recruited my class to submit potential label designs.

While others in the class chose to focus strictly on car imagery such as tires and harsh, raised metal surfaces commonly found in a mechanic's garage, I thought it best to display surfaces that sparkled with cleanliness. Using layer masks in Photoshop, I was able to cut the words "Car Cleen" out of a polished metal texture. To compliment the red gradient background (originally a close-up of a red Corvette, the details of which conflicted with foreground elements), I flooded the bottom half of each label with the crystal clear surface of a swimming pool, allowing this texture to spill into the descriptive product titles.

For photographic purposes, I applied my labels to empty containers typically used for cleaning products, and surrounded them with brushes and sponges not unfamiliar to a car wash environment. As the walls of our photo studio were blank and dull, I replaced the background with a photograph of a garage in order to give further context to the foreground objects.

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