Exit, Stage Right

Album Cover Design

I do love the Bee Gees. I will argue for hours that they are a hugely underrated and misunderstood group. So, of course, like a lot of other things I love, they've set me off on a bout of creativity now and again.

What we have here is my vision of how their brief career in Australia could have ended. Prior to their return to England, the Bee Gees recorded an album's worth of new original material, all of which was shelved when they were suddenly launched into the international spotlight. This begged the question, had they allowed this material to see release, how might the album have looked?

Choosing "Exit, Stage Right" as the most likely title track, I wanted to create a cover that represented the band's image at the time - a carefully balanced blend of sophistication and the era's growing slant towards psychedelia. Using an attractive 1966 photograph of the Gibbs (and their drummer Colin Peterson) posed on a staircase, I experimented with overlaying multiple monotone copies of the photo atop each other, each with a different tint, slightly offset to present the illusion of the band captured in the midst of motion - towards the right, appropriately enough!

The result is a striking 'double exposure' image, with the overlapping elements creating a multitude of interesting geometric shapes and bizarre color combinations, paired with a simple but strong typeface.

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