The Leafy Grotto

Package and Sign Designs

To my recollection, this was the last project I completed while at La Roche, and certainly the most elaborate. We were given the option of designing materials for a tea shop or a brewery - I chose the former, creating the fictitious Leafy Grotto.

The numerous designs that comprised this project included a shopping bag, small boxes suited to four varieties of the product (in this case, four flavors of tea), a larger package capable of holding the smaller boxes, a hang-tag (the small tea cup), male and female restroom signs, a Photoshopped image of our store as seen in a mall, and a miniature trade show booth prototype.

For the booth, I expanded upon the organic appearances of the other components by crafting the booth into an enormous wicker basket, complete with sample table and two stand-up displays containing the Leafy Grotto's various tea products.

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Packaging spread Small box example Stand-up display and trade show booth Men's restroom sign Women's restroom sign Photoshopped storefront

Image sources
The Tea Centre, Brisbane (original site down)

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