We're Wild About Wildlife!

Advertisement Design

If Mad Magazine has taught me anything, it's that a humorous piece is most effective when a viewer can look at it multiple times, and catch a new joke on each viewing. In an advertisement meant to be humorous, this factor can be key - if the punchline is immediately obvious, the viewer will look at the ad once and not wish to see it again. If there are many punchlines that require close scrutiny, however, the viewer will continuously look at the ad, thus building upon their exposure to the brand.

When I was told to create an advertisement based around the tagline "We're wild about wildlife," I decided to follow the above credo by packing as many jokes onto the page as possible. At the time, Twitter was quickly becoming the most popular social medium, so I chose to present a series of Tweets from someone who certainly appears to be 'wild about wildlife.' (For the sake of legitimacy, I actually opened a 'WildlifeNut' account, and Tweeted whatever relevant tidbits popped into my head.)

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